The National Party or NAPA, is a former political party, now disbanded into roving bands of partisans who wish to get rid of foriegn influence in Chernarus.


NAPA has turned into a partisan group uder Pizrak,supreme commander of the group. NAPA is mainly made up of local militia with experience in hunting who defend their hometowns and areas from Chedaki raids in the absence of any meaningful CDF presence. During Operation: Harvest Red, CDF Intelligence officer Lieutenant Marny uses NAPA contacts for information on the Chedaki, Most notably in helping Razor Team in their mission to capture Lopetev and Bardak.


  • Guerillas use a mixture of civilian and military clothing and light equipment; anti-tank weapons are rare and consist mostly of RPG-7 AT launchers stolen from Chernarussian military. Occasionally, better weapons purchased from weapons dealers are in use.
  • They commonly use balaclavas, ski masks or bandanas to cover their faces to avoid identification.
  • Favorite weapons are the old and reliable AK-47; many local guerillas also use hunting rifles. Important part of NAPA arsenal are also various IEDs, RPG-7 anti-tank launchers or home-made explosives.
  • Guerillas use mostly hit-and-run tactics; they disappear soon after they strike.
  • Heavy equipment is usually makeshift originals, stored in safe houses and forest camps deep in the mountains. There are many narcotics processing-labs in the country, most of them in Northern Province. All tribal factions and most antigovernment groups profit from the drug trade.