The Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star ('ChDKZ), also known as the Chedaki for short, is a Communist insurgent "Violent Non-State Actor" group based in South Zagoria, Chernarus.

Although the communist insurgency has its roots as an underground movement, by 2009 it became a conventional force with military structure and weapon platforms captured from the Chernarussian government or provided by arms dealers. This has given ChDKZ enough power to start a coup against the government.


The ChDKZ started out as an organisation for workers' rights, under the leadership of Lopetev and Bardak. It quickly transformed into a large-scale insurgent group, reluctantly supplied by Russia. In 2009 it gained enough power to try to sieze territory from the underequipped CDF forces. The majority of Russian settlers in Chernarus support the ChDKZ goal, however most do not know (or try to not acknowledge) Chedaki ethnic cleansing of Chernarussian residents, such as in the town of Pusta. Russia officially recognizes the ChDKZ as the legitimate government of Chernarus, and support them after receiving the "Peacekeeping" mandate from the United Nations Security Council.


  • Insurgents wear various old fatigues of Russian origin, commonly in an urban color scheme. They are armed with a variety of personal weapons, ranging from old AKMs to captured AK-74s. Anti-tank and anti-armor launchers of various types are commonly used as the ChDKZ purchases them from arms dealers in great numbers.
  • Insurgents lack the logistic infrastructure of a modern army, therefore the vehicles they use don't appear in great numbers and troops have only limited support, artillery is rather rare.
  • Insurgents use mostly older Eastern combat vehicles captured from government forces. Hand-made camouflage spray-paint is often used on their vehicles.
  • ChDKZ also uses various captured aircraft, but its deployment is limited to a small part of Chernarus, far from government air bases.
  • Insurgents are organized into regional task forces, which are lead by and named after field warlords who are direct subordinates of „Akula" (Shark), supreme leader of ChDKZ.